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  1. How to network successfully: 19 pro tips
  2. How to network successfully: 19 pro tips | Creative Bloq
  3. 01. Follow the golden rule

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Look for your design heroes on Twitter and strike up a conversation. Follow those who inspire you and periodically ask for opinions or advice on your own work.

How to network successfully: 19 pro tips

Pointers and tips from those in the know are invaluable for pushing you in the direction of those who can help make your work reach a wider audience. And if you spot them about at a conference, go over and say hello just make sure they're not about to go on stage, first. Listening is a skill. It's an absolute art form. Most of us only half listen when we're engaged in social communication, because we're already planning in our heads what to say next.

Try to turn this off and truly listen to what's being said. You'll retain more and your attentiveness will be picked up by the speaker, which means they're more likely to listen to you in return. If you're feeling a bit awkward or nervous at an event and want to know how to keep conversations bubbling along, then try to remember to ask open-ended questions.

Questions that start with such words as 'who', 'what', 'where' and 'when' open up a conversation, whereas questions that only require a closed response such as 'yes' and 'no' tend to shut things down. It's an old trick but a good one. Create your own creative beacon by starting a blog about what inspires you.

Give people something to know you by besides your own creative work by giving something to the creative community. A blog is not only an outlet for what floats your creative boat but is also a great conversation starter, either virtually or at meetups. You'll find tons of advice about content in our article How to start a blog: Alternatively, platforms like Medium offer a space for you to share long blog posts without the commitment of setting up a custom space.

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If you keep up with who the innovators, creators and movers-and-shakers in the business are, you'll never be stuck for something to say either on Twitter or at meetups. New work should naturally draw you in, and getting out of a siloed way of working by keeping up to date with the industry around you will reap rewards long term. Networking doesn't happen in a vacuum. At any networking do or social gathering you'll always find someone who knows someone who needs something that you do. Sometimes this is just hot air, but at others it could be a genuine opportunity.

The key thing is to try to nail down the pertinent information — who, what and when?

How to network successfully: 19 pro tips | Creative Bloq

If you don't want to pester your new contact during the evening, make a note of their details and email them for more information the next day. Networking is about listening and helping others. It's a case of 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours' just remember, you often have to scratch first and don't always expect a scratch back. Adopt a philanthropic approach to networking and you won't ever be disappointed by it.

If you speculatively contact someone by Twitter or email and they don't reply to you, try to take it on the chin. You're not going to set everyone's world on fire and quite frankly, if these people can't be bothered to return an email or a Tweet, would you want to do any business with them anyway? There's a misguided notion that to give a 'critique' of something means to 'rip it to shreds to show how clever you are'.

01. Follow the golden rule

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