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Any help with the ID of this bottle would be appreciated. Thanks for your time. Here is a google keyword search string………. I found an old? L logo- bottom is gone do no other marks. Does anyone have more info. Hi there, I found a clear glass pint bottle on a hike in Los Angeles. The color is that of a rich extra olive oil green. Appreciate any information on it. In any case, if this is a British bottle, I am not familiar with it. This site has been a blessing in my life. There was an elderly couple in my town that collected bottles all their lifes, they both passed away a few years ago.

The son decided that their entire shed filled with approx. I am currently in the process of washing each and every bottle pack rat heaven.

So far I have found so many wonderful treasures! Your site has been an amazing tool to help me determine age of these beauties. Its been quite a journey. I have learned so much going through this site. Recently I purchased a set with two square glass flasks.

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One of them had a hole in the bottom but the other one was intact. I found a small mark at the bottom of the flask that was still intact. I was wondering if you had ever seen this mark before? Here are some pictures http: The bottle appears to be a type used mostly for cologne, aftershave, hair oil or some other type of cosmetic or personal care product.

I am having trouble finding out what decade it is from. And do you know which company manufactured the jar? Kelly, In all honesty, it may be very difficult if not impossible to pin down a specific year for your jar. I have found similar jars from more than one dumpsite, apparently dating from the s up into the s judging from other bottles in the same area that could be more precisely dated.

There might be possible ways to narrow the date range, such as by studying vintage advertisements and comparing the slight changes in the shapes of jars if they are shown. Other cold cream manufacturers sold their product in similarly-shaped jars. I believe Hazel-Atlas Glass Company made some of them………. Thank you for your timely response! There is a great site with a database for many brands:. I will be using this site regularly, as my husband has a knack for finding old bottles. Kelly, I should also note that my forgetfulness is showing! However, it is a different shape than the one you are referencing!

This page on another blog shows an example of that other style jar, which I do believe dates from the s or maybe s: I have a pepsicola bottle that has the swirl but no color lettering. Wish I could post a pic to show the makers mark. And I assume the bottle was made in For more info, check this webpage: I found a half pint brown bottle with federal law prohibits sale or reuse of this bottle embossed around the top and D-I in the center on the bottom.

Can anyone tell me about it? Many liquor bottles especially of the ss or later have a set of two numbers which follow this plan: The first number is a Liquor bottle permit number assigned to a particular glass company. I have a green bottle that is 5. It is marked on the bottom as follows: Can you tell me anything about the scale and ?

The Dominion Glass Company

Many are made of emerald green glass, and manufactured by Owens-Illinois Glass Company. Hello i have a vintage glass bottle that is completly plain with no writings on it but the bottom of the bottle it has the number and below the number it appears to be a letter S. Can anybody give me some information? Val, I have no information on the bottle. Please check out my article about numbers on the bottoms of bottles and jars here. Anyone familiar with this logo: Hi Hilary, did you ever find out who is the maker of your bottle with the two deer logo? I have two glass pitchers with the same logo, and I am also wondering.

Dominion Jar | Kijiji in Ontario. - Buy, Sell & Save with Canada's #1 Local Classifieds.

Would love to know more about it! Apparently this mark is used by Cerve, based in Parma, Italy. It seems that Cerve S. They were founded in I looked through your site but could not find anything about it. It is a very nice piece and would like to know more about it.

Glass Bottle Identifications #1: 4 Small Bottles

I have foung in the chelan washington area a bottle, 8oz its a lyric with an A17 in the diamond on the bottom, on the side is WILD ROOT with what looks like wheat stalks. Perhaps a reader will recognize it and identify the maker. As of this year, Anchor Glass was sold to an investment firm. It is no longer owned by Ardagh. The current symbol for anchor glass looks like a chevron with a dot in the center between the ends.

I can send you a picture if you like.

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I am an employee. Hi Lloyd, thanks for your information. Yes, I would like to see a pic of the mark, and with your permission perhaps I can post it to my site. Any and all information is greatly appreciated! Looking for the manufacturer of a candy dish. Has G with looks like a lamp post running through the middle. I over a G.

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On some glass items the mark is rather indistinct. Hi Tamara, What mark do they use on their bottles? Saint Gobain Corporation a Glass manufacture needs added.. Saint-Gobain experienced significant success in the early 20th century. In the company expanded its manufacturing to bottles, jars, tableware and domestic glassware… But then was bought out by Ardagh in January Now only 3 of the Anchor Plant you have listed under Anchor are with Ardagh now.. The rest are back to AGCC.. Hi Tanara, Thanks for the update.

I will admit I am confused, but hopefully anyone searching for more information on the latest mergers and acquisitions that are rampant among the glassmaking corporate empires of the present day will be able to do some more in-depth searching online. I have a small peacock blue open salt. Outside the diamond are 4 lines. Probably fairly modern, but I would like to know who made this glass salt.

Gary, please see my page on Boyd Glass. Link is in list of articles, situated along right-hand side of any page on this site. I have a brown glass bottle that is embossed with an anchor and rope.

Drip Points

The stamp on the bottom appears to be a capital I inside a diamond and oval. Also stamped are the numbers D11 and Any info on this bottle? In any case, please check out my webpage on Owens-Illinois Glass Company. The date code is either 56, or 42, or but not sure which on this type of bottle. But in this case, and as frequently seen on some other liquor bottles, it is uncertain.