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Top Washington DC Hookup Bars & Clubs
  1. Washington DC Bathhouses & Sex Clubs - GayCities Washington DC
  2. Jesus banned from buses in DC, but gay hookup ads allowed
  3. Top Washington DC Hookup Bars & Clubs
  4. Top Washington DC Hookup Bars & Clubs

Washington Dc was founded in as the capital of the United States. Just as soon as government buildings were erected, bars and saloons were built as well.

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And once the first bar was built, the hookup scene wasn't far behind! It is a very work-oriented city, after all!

Washington DC Bathhouses & Sex Clubs - GayCities Washington DC

However, it really comes to life on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. These are the three best nights to go out! The SoNaughty team worked tirelessly to provide you with this ultimate directory.

So you can have the best hookups possible during your time in Washington DC! Washington DC may be all government and business but as they say: So it only makes sense that the hookup bar scene is really big. We picked out our top fave bars for you to check out! Read about them below:. From dance clubs to music venues, you can find a variety of nightclubs in Washington DC. The city might be a bit quiet during the day, as it is so business oriented, but during the night it truly comes alive! Below we picked out our five fave hookup clubs for a sexy night out:.

You wouldn't think so, but Washington DC has a pretty great swingers community! In fact, out of all of the hookup spots we've profiled, Washington DC has one of the most robust sex club scenes. We hope now you see that there is so much more to Washington DC than just business and government.

When you are done exploring DC, we highly recommend checking out the hookup scene in Chicago. In closing, be sure to bookmark these essential links:.

Jesus banned from buses in DC, but gay hookup ads allowed

Click here to see the full directory of SoNaughty hookup spots. Click here to see a full list of US cities with SoNaught approved hookup spots. Need even more Washington DC hookup spot suggestions? Washington DC Hookup Spots. Washington DC Hookup Spots: Directory The SoNaughty team worked tirelessly to provide you with this ultimate directory. Read about them below: Off the Record Type. All major credit cards and cash accepted; ATM on site; no on-site parking but some street parking available nearby.

It is a popular spot for the after work crowd so it tends to be full of people in business suits.

However, it's very laid back and mostly everyone just wants to relax and unwind after a long day at work. This cocktail bar specializes in perfecting the classics; you won't find any weird cocktails here but you will find the world's best gin and tonic. Seriously, we tried it and it is that good! The Gin Joint Type. As the name suggests, The Gin Joint is a gin bar.

Top Washington DC Hookup Bars & Clubs

So if you aren't a fan of gin, this probably is not the bar for you! But we still recommending going to The Gin Joint to at least try a drink; this bar does some amazing things with gin so even if you aren't a huge fan, you may become one by the end of the night! The Gin Joint is the perfect place to take a date or find a hookup. The club atmosphere is sexy and intimate, with plenty of small sofas and lounge areas that encourage quiet one on one conversations.

Fado Irish Pub Type. If you're wanting to hit up a more laid back establishment for your evening drinks, it doesn't get more laid back than a traditional Irish pub! Otherwise, JR's mostly acts as a mainstay in the D. For years, the bar banned dancing but finally relented after a decade of pressure by patrons—not that there's much room to dance; between trivia nights and happy hour, it can be packed cheek-to-cheek most of the time. Though it's billed as a sports bar—and serious sports fans definitely come here to catch a game—the TVs rarely factor in on DJ nights when crowds pack Nellie's rooftop bar.

Gay women are always hard up for great bars, and recent years have seen the closing of long-established lesbian joints in many cities. Fortunately, Phase 1 seems to be sticking it out. Located in Eastern Market, there was a time when men could enter the bar only when accompanied by a woman. While that rule is gone it increasingly welcomes gay men, as long as they respect the bar as a space for women you will still find a The Columbia Room Type.

The Columbia Room is a classic after work cocktail bar that's usually jam packed with business and government employees.

Jesus banned from buses in dc, but gay hookup ads allowed

All dark mahogany and brass, The Columbia Room reminds us of a private members only club—all that's missing are the cigars! While the cocktails are fab at The Columbia Room, the beer and wine menu is also pretty decent. But our favorite part of The Columbia Room are the patrons: Below we picked out our five fave hookup clubs for a sexy night out: Cash cover at door; open late on Fridays and Saturdays; ATM on site; all major credit cards and cash accepted. We love a good jazz club and Twins Jazz in Washington DC is one of the best jazz clubs on the entire east coast.

Even people who say they aren't big fans of jazz enjoy Twins Jazz. That is because the music is great, the ambience is sultry and sexy, and the drinks are fantastic. You'll feel like a king or queen at Twins Jazz, which is exactly how you should be feeling all of the time if you ask us! Be sure to try the signature drinks! The Club Type. This popular spot is spread over two floors with multiple dance floors and bar areas on each floor.

The music tend to lean toward electronic and dance but they also have the occasional throwback nights featuring 80s and 90s music. Along with great music and dancing, The Club also has super affordable drinks, meaning you can stay all night and dance and drink the night away! For the best gay bar in the city, we highly recommend Freddie's Beach Bar. It is a fave among the Washington DC gay community.

Top Washington DC Hookup Bars & Clubs

The name sounds vacation inspired but that's about as far as that theme goes. You won't find any sand or beachballs at Freddie's Beach Bar! However, the sleek decor is inspired by California surf shacks, complete with a surfboard behind the bar. The drinks are loosely inspired by California, including a Malibu Martini that is an absolute must try. Seriously, you haven't lived until you've tried this cocktail! The music at Freddie's is fun and lively and will have you dancing all night long.

Echostage is a nightclub with a focus on unique live music. Fans of international electronic and trance acts will love the bands that play at Echostage. The venue also brings in a lot of world-renowned DJs to spin.

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Even if you aren't the biggest music fan, you'll have a great time at Echostage! Plus the drinks are tasty and reasonably prices so what more could you want? Be sure to check out their weekly drink specials for more great deals. Their 2 for 1 shots are great if you have someone with you! Madam's Organ Blues Bar Type. Who would have thought Washington DC had such a great music scene! We love Madam's Organ Blues Bar.

In fact, this is one of the oldest blues bars in the entire country. Blues legends from across the country and world have played at Madam's Organ Blues Bar and they keep on coming. You'll easily get lost in the music at this nightclub but don't forget to sample the delicious food and drinks menu.